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Pathogen Testing & Remediation for Food Industry

There is a large multitude of issues food processing plants face when it comes to managing the microbiome in the production environment or finished food products, including pathogen outbreaks. Food products processing facilities can become contaminated by a number of pathogenic bacteria, including Salmonella, shiga-toxin producing E. coli, Listeria, Staphylococcus and many more. Furthermore, the physical and metabolic characteristics of each bacteria can be very strain dependent.  Effective preventive steps or remediation of a pathogenic defect must be tailored to the specific strain, finished food product, and processing environment.

Microbiologial testing food industry

The Importance of Pathogen Testing in the Food Industry

Failure to conduct proper microbiological testing of food products can allow these bacteria to escape the facility in your finished food products and result in being released into commerce. When ingested by consumers, the result can be a massive outbreak of foodborne illness and even death.

Log10® offers advanced and method approved food safety testing, including APC, E.coli, coliforms, indicator organisms, and pathogen testing specific to the food industry. Our analytical lab testing of food products is performed under ISO 17025 standards and scope of accreditation to provide clients maximum confidence in professionally reported analytical results.

Log10® comprehensive microbial testing to the food industry.  Our lab testing is performed in an ISO 17025 Accredited facility to give you maximum confidence in our microbiological analysis of your products.

Custom Probiotics for Food Processing Companies

We don’t stop at food and environmental testing capabilities.  Our Pre-Liminate™ custom probiotics offer a critical line of defense against foodborne pathogens in your food processing facility. These are proprietary blends containing strains that are primarily selected for their ability to inhibit specific pathogenic microorganisms. We customize our Pre-Liminate™  blends against the microbiome established in your processing environment and finished food products.

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Food Manufacturing Training and Consultation Service

Log10® offers a wide range of training and consultation services for food safety, including:

  • FSMA Preparedness
  • Preventive Controls for Animal Food (PCQI training)
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Training
  • Sanitation SOP Development
  • HACCP Training (recognized by HACCP Alliance)
  • Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) Development
  • Food Fraud Program Development

In addition to training and consultation, Log10® also offers custom Pre-Liminate™ probiotic blends for microbial control in both environmental and food applications.

Consulting, Training and Inspections for Food Manufactures

In addition to high-quality testing services and custom probiotics for human food processor companies, we also offer top-of-the-line consultation and training programs to help your staff internally protect your human food product on your own.

This training — which is the only one-day HACCP training course in the U.S. — will help you understand best manufacturing and laboratory practices, including ISO 17025 standards. The course is fully accredited by the International HACCP Alliance and geared to your specific business and product at your site.

We can also consult with you on detection and remediation of microbial contamination at your facility, so you can continue to keep your food safe after our work is done.

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