Consultation& Auditing

Log10® food safety experts will assist you with all of your regulatory compliance, food safety and quality training, auditing and consultation needs in areas such as Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Compliance, HACCP, GMP’s, Environmental Monitoring, and more.

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Training &Education

Log10® offers a one-day Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) training course, fully accredited by the International HACCP Alliance. We offer additional trainings such as Preventive Controls for Animal Food and GMP trainings, and more. We customized, on-site sessions for your process and products.

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Research &Reporting

Log10® operates an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and a pathogen research facility for food safety testing and research. Our professional services, testing methods, equipment and personnel can offer your business customized research and reporting including validation studies, to fit the needs of your operations.

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Probiotics &Pathogen Reduction

Log10® is a pioneer in environmental remediation using our patented application of Pre-Liminate™ probiotic blends, removing even the most persistent pathogenic biofilms in food, feed, and processing environments. Pre-Liminate™ probiotics target and combat pathogenic bacteria in the environment and finished food products.

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An Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP) that establishes monitoring, sampling and testing processes at your plant which measure the effectiveness of contamination control programs is needed to prevent issues that could lead to food adulteration or defects, as described by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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Food Safety Services Company in Oklahoma

If your company is involved in any phase of the food industry — whether that’s human or animal food processing, farming, storage or distribution — you need the services of Log10 to help your company identify and eliminate any potential of pathogenic contamination that can occur in food, animal feed, or environments where food is grown or processed. Log10® is changing the dynamics in traditional food safety.

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Why Choose Log10 Over Other Food Testing Companies?

Even with the best cleaning and sanitizing programs, the control of contamination by pathogenic microorganisms continues to be a problem for all sectors of the food industry. Finished products can be made under optimal conditions, using controlled ingredients, effective lethality steps, intervention strategies and cleaning and sanitizing of equipment; all by the most careful and fully trained employees. Nevertheless, due to normal processes and potential contaminants always present, there is the potential of a positive pathogen test occurring in even the most stringently cleaned facilities.

Food Pathogen Testing Laboratories

Log10® is one of the most comprehensive food safety companies available to you. Our food testing laboratories, centrally located in the USA, make it easy and affordable to effectively identify pathogens which cause foodborne illnesses in standard food manufacturing businesses, but also in agricultural, pet food, animal feed, aquaculture and seafood. We also offer help for keeping facilities free of harmful microbes and can offer remediation assistance for companies struggling with recurrent issues. The technology of our proven and proprietary probiotic blends makes it possible to prevent, reduce, or eliminate common pathogens in food, feed, and environments.

Log10 Probiotics for Biofilm & Pathogen Elimination

Probiotics are living organisms designed to promote health and eliminate pathogens – but not all probiotics are created the same. Our Pre-Liminate™ probiotic blends are developed by our research team using an extensive screening process.  We can customize our probiotic blends to defeat the specific pathogens your food products are most vulnerable to.

Biofilm Development

Pathogens may colonize food product surface and, non-food contact surfaces and aerosolize onto other environmental surfaces. They may be detected during routine testing and screening of the food or the food production facility, causing the company or the government to effectively shut down operations and/or recall product from the market. Worse still, if consumers are exposed to the contaminated food, sickness or even death may occur. The process is then scrutinized and corrective actions implemented.  The equipment/environment is cleaned and sanitized again and samples are analyzed for any suspected defect.

The results tend to dictate the next step—either continuing production or starting corrective actions again. But in reality, this problem never goes away – it simply remains at undetectable levels for a period of time. One major contributor to perpetual microbial defects is that some equipment is difficult or impossible to completely clean and sanitize, especially with common standard sanitation solutions. Then, a few months later, the same defect is detected, ideally by the company’s own test-and-release program. Corrective actions are again taken, product disposition is determined and the process is repeated again in a seemingly endless cycle. It does not have to continue in this way. Log10 offers an effective intervention step that will stop this vicious cycle.

Expert Training and Food Safety Consulting Company

In addition to food safety testing and custom Pre-Liminate™ probiotic blends, Log10® offers a wide range of training and consultation services for food safety, including:

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