Dr. Siobhan Reilly founded Log10® in 2013 with the goal of using her knowledge of food microbiology and probiotics to help create safer food products. Named for the way microbial numbers are expressed  — log base 10 — and created with focus on our mission, our business has grown exponentially in just a few years.

Our Mission

  • To provide expert professional consulting, research, testing and training support to the food industry relative to the manufacture and delivery of safe, high-quality food products.
  • To support the food industry with comprehensive services pertaining to microbiological safety and quality of food.
  • To focus on microorganisms that cause human illness or food spoilage and replace them with good bacteria that prevent or eliminate them entirely.
  • To provide the food industry with custom probiotics that protect consumers against food-borne pathogens, and that enhance digestive health.

Our Facility

Our ISO 17025 Accredited testing facilities include a Biosafety Level II (BSL 2) pathogen laboratory. Our team of highly trained scientists are experienced in microbiology, food science, probiotics and foodborne pathogens. They strive for excellence and dependability in everything they do.

Our Quality Policy Statement

  • To ensure accurate and timely support of our food industry clients as related to food safety and quality testing, research, training, and consulting.
  • To make certain that these services will continuously meet or exceed our client’s expectations.
  • To provide these services to our clients by technically sound, service-oriented professionals who are dedicated to achieving the highest quality.

Preventing And Eliminating Pathogens In Food, Feed And Environments By:

  • Using the Log10 state-of-the-art microbiological testing lab and elite biological research teams to investigate microorganisms most commonly causing food spoilage and food-borne illness
  • Developing custom probiotic blends applied to food, food-growing environments and food processing equipment that target pathogens and are safe for consumption
  • Offering solutions to reduce, eliminate or prevent foodborne pathogens with healthy bacteria
  • Offering comprehensive food safety consultation services to the food industry for detection and remediation of microbial contamination in human or animal food production facilities
  • Laboratory design and operations, product and process development professional services
  • Providing on-site HACCP training accredited by the International HACCP Alliance and customized for the individual company’s product and process
  • Expert training on regulatory compliance, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP’s) — including ISO 17025 accreditation

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In efforts to support social distancing measures being recommended by regulatory authorities, we are conducting business as usual with limited staff. If situational needs arise, please contact our office.