Benefits Of Probiotics

If you already have pathogen remediation procedures in place at your farm, agricultural plant, aquaculture farm, human or animal food processor facility, you may wonder why you should consider probiotic solutions for contamination.

Beneficial Effects of Probiotics Against Common Pathogens for Your Facility

Upon examination, you’ll find probiotic treatments for pathogens have many benefits, including:

The Risk Of Existing Remediation Approaches Using Chemicals:

Many foodborne pathogen remediation solutions require a chemical intervention. While the negative effects of these anti-pathogen chemicals may be unproven, you’re still asking your clients to risk putting a foreign substance in their bodies. Your body already contains trillions of bacteria, so the introduction of more in the form of probiotics is unlikely to disrupt your system.

Immediate Action Against Pathogens & Indicator Organisms

Log10® continues to validate results related to the use our probiotics for pathogen remediation. We’ve found that once Pre-Liminate™ custom probiotics are applied, the reduction of indicator organisms like E.coli, Enterobacter, coliforms as well as persistent pathogens like Salmonella and Listeria is almost immediate.

Pathogen Remediation Made Simple with Easy Application

Because of the nature of our probiotic blends, we can customize delivery methods to easily apply them anywhere in your facility. Food processing equipment and facilities can house pathogen-containing biofilms, especially in areas that aren’t readily accessible for cleaning and sanitation. Where other remediation solutions and chemicals can’t reach. Our probiotic blends easily flow into cracks and crevices, essentially entering into every nook and cranny to completely remediate any pathogens or contamination issues.

Reliable Pathogen Remediation For Processing Environments

Our probiotics are a reliable solution for pathogen remediation in any area of the food industry.  Whether you are battling a current contamination event or looking for preventive control to ensure you will never have one, probiotics are an effective answer to both of these concerns.

At Log10®, we use ingredients food-grade ingredients and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients.  Pre-Liminate™ blends are produced under strict quality control protocols, including HACCP and test and hold procedures. We produce fresh probiotics every week, so we always have quality, pathogen-mitigating microorganisms on hand for immediately fulfilling orders as placed. Every production lot is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) which helps provide product quality verification and traceability information for our valued clientele.

If you need proven pathogen remediation solutions for any food-based industry, please contact Log10 for assistance today.

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