To provide expert professional counsulting, research, testing, and training support to the food industry relative to the manufacture and delivery of safe, high quality food products.
To support the food industry with comprehensive services pertaining to microbiological safety and quality of food. 
To focus on microorganisms that cause human illness or food spoilage and replace them with good bacteria that prevent or eliminate them entirely.
To provide the food industry with custom probiotics that protect consumers against food-borne pathogens, and that enhance digestive health.


Log10®, LLC was formed in 2013 by Dr. Siobhan Reilly.  Our core science is food microbiology, and our name reflects the way microbe numbers are expressed (i.e., log base 10).
We began by  producing host-specific probiotics for the pet food industry, which led to the development of probiotics that were anti-pathogenic.
Our operations include fermentation and blending, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories.
We now produce several probiotic formulas for application to food processing equipment and environments, as well as food.
We grew from two employees at the beginning of 2014 to 20 at the end of 2015.

Our Senior Staff

Chief Executive Officer – Siobhan Reilly, Ph.D.
Chief Financial Officer – John Moore, Ph.D.

Scientific Services Manager – Brandon Senne, Ph.D.

Director of Probiotic Research and Development - Lane Law, Ph.D.
Probiotic Development and Production Manager – Jamie Sawyer, M.Ed.
Probiotic Fermentation Supervisor - Jose Prado, B.S.

Research and Quality Manager – Miriam Velasco, M.S.
Food Safety Microbiologist – Wai Ping Chew, M.S.
Quality Supervisor – Paulina Rivas, B.S.

Operations Manager – Blake Reed
Production Supervisor – Todd Vidricksen
Sanitation Supervisor - Adriana Collison

Business Manager – Judy Duggan
Administrative Assistant - Myha McGuire