Probiotic Solutions for Pathogens

Whether you’re a farmer, a manager of an agricultural plant or oversee an animal food or human food processor or working in food storage, one of the biggest threats to your business is disease. Foodborne pathogens can not only ruin food shipments, they can ruin your reputation and greatly endanger your customers.

Unfortunately, some foodborne pathogens, like listeria and salmonella, can be very difficult to detect or contain, and many of the proposed solutions may come in the form of chemicals that could do more harm to your food than good. Log10 has come up with a better solution in the form of probiotics for pathogens.

What Are Probiotics?

The scientific definition of probiotics is live microorganisms that, in the right amounts, confer a health benefit upon the host. That benefit can take many forms, but one of the most important benefits of the right probiotics is the remediation of environmental pathogens you may find in food processing or handling plants. Because these are live, beneficial organisms, they don’t have the same potential health hazards as chemical remediation methods.

How Do Probiotics for Contamination Control Work?

Food contact surfaces in both animal and human food processing, growing and storage facilities will develop a biofilm containing microorganisms. This biofilm can easily become overrun by harmful bacteria, pathogens that can contaminate the food and lead to ill-health. However, the biofilm can just as easily integrate healthy bacteria, probiotics that block the ability of the pathogens to contaminate the food.

By interfering with the action of pathogenic bacteria and even taking its place, remediation probiotics can keep food contamination-free without adding any unnatural or inorganic chemicals to the process.

Why Choose Log10 Probiotic Environmental Remediation Services?

Log10 is a pioneer among environmental remediation companies thanks to our Pre-Liminate™ probiotics for biofilm. Our Pre-Liminate™ probiotics are not just typical probiotics thought to have healthy effects, they are probiotics designed specifically to block, prevent or eliminate pathogens that may contaminate food. Our elite researchers have tirelessly screened thousands of probiotic strains to find the bacteria ideal for fighting foodborne pathogens.

Plus, we can customize our probiotics specifically to meet the needs of your exact facility. Farms, human food processors, animal processors and other facilities where food products are handled may all have diverse types of bacteria to fight. Log10 is the company to turn to for the best probiotics to fight the specific pathogens your facility deals with daily.

For more information about how our probiotics can help your food business, please contact us today.

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