Environmental Application of Probiotics 

          One of the most exciting developments in the last year has been the use of good bacteria to remove pathogens from food processing environments.  Our Pre-LiminateTM compositions have been used in many food processing plants across the country.   In the food processing environment, once application starts, the response in the standard environmental testing programs are almost immediate.  Common indicator organisms (Enterobacter, generic E. coli, coliforms, etc.) are reduced as well persistent pathogens (Salmonella, Listeria, etc.).         
          These dry, highly concentrated probiotic powders are capable of being dispensed from any suitable aerosol container (e.g., duster) or even by hand.  This allows the transport of the probiotics into and through equipment mounted vertically or high over the factory floor, and equipment that has joints with geometries that make it difficult for traditional solutions to reach.  The dry aerosol form allows for multi-directional application of the probiotic composition on the desired surface, and on surfaces that could easily contain a pathogenic biofilm but never, ever have seen the light of day or a cleaning tool.

          We offer full technical support in application and any testing that may be required for internal efficacy and validation.  Our products can be customized not only for the plant environment but for application to food as well.  We ensure that our product can be inserted easily into any production facility, either into the environment or the food.  In the food processing environment, once application starts, the response in the standard environmental testing programs are almost immediate.  

          All our ingredients are human grade and GRAS (generally recognized as safe) for human and animal production facilities and food.  The ingredients go through strict quality control measures and testing prior to being introduced to our blending facility.

          Production at our facility occurs every week to ensure that the organisms we use are healthy and in high concentration, and ready to mitigate pathogens.  Each production lot comes with a meaningful Certificate of Analysis (COA) to provide the most accurate crucial specifications.

          Our blending facility also operates under strict control standards with a ISO/FDA based good manufacturing approach that involves Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Systems (HACCP), current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), documented Sanitation Standard Procedures (SSOPs), and a robust environmental testing program.

          The product and application process is patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 


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