Log10® has Expertise and Experience 

We provide proven and proprietary probiotic technology that will reduce, prevent, and eliminate food-borne pathogens in your environments and finished products.

We provide timely microbiological testing and research services in our state of the art laboratories.

We provide proven and proprietary testing for finding pathogen defects within your production facilities, ingredients, and finished products.

We conduct research on your process validation and product shelf-life.
We develop species-specific probiotics to improve pathogen inhibition in your products and to improve health of the consumers of your products.

We provide written material and on-site training to bring complex food safety and quality topics effectively to your personnel at your location.

We provide the most effective accredited HACCP class based on only your needs, and taught to your personnel at your location.

Log10® has helped many companies manufacture and deliver safe, high quality products.  Let us know how we can help you build a solid food safety and quality program.