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Log10® Laboratory Programs

  • Laboratory and Sample Handling Process Flow
  • On-Site Assessment of laboratory space and assignment of process flow
  • Recommendation on build-out or remodel of space to accommodate a Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL2) program and biohazard generation
  • Laboratory design for external modular buildings
  • Equipment and Supply Specification, Budget and Procurement
  • Identify needed equipment for all laboratory testing programs (i.e., autoclaves, balances, thermocouples, pH meter, data loggers, water system, tables, sinks, counter/tables, glassware, plastic ware, biohazard protection, etc.
  • Obtain best pricing through completive quotation process with multiple suppliers in the United States
  • Biological Safety Level 2 (BSL2) Good Laboratory Practice Program
  • Write, train and implement practices for addressing a pathogenic microbiology laboratory operations and personnel safety practices.
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) 17025 Program
  • Write, train and implement standard operating procedures (SOP’s), work instructions (WKI’s) and forms (FOR’s) in preparation of third party audit and accreditation
  • Pathogen Method Selection and Implementation including Standards
  • Assessment and implementation of best methods for food safety and quality testing programs including delivery of pathogenic controls specific to industry.
  • Compliance with all AOAC test method standards
  • Equipment Monitoring, Verification and Validation
  • On-Site training and validation of critical equipment in preparation of ISO 17025
  • Operations Implementation, Training and Audit
  • On Site activities including:
  • Media Preparation, Sample Handling, Aseptic Technique, Enrichment, Pathogen Testing including positive/negative controls, Data Reporting, Biohazard Disposal, Corrective/Preventative Actions
  • Ongoing Technical Support and Troubleshooting for Microbiology Program
  • Laboratory support on operations, methods, and procedures